SimSimba-Disease (C++): Code for running the individual-based stochastic lion simulation model SimSimba paired with a SEI disease model described by the paper Estimating wildlife disease dynamics in complex systems using an Approximate Bayesian Computation framework.

Kosmala, M., P. Miller, S. Ferreira, P. Funston, D. Keet, C. Packer (2015): SimSimbaDisease. figshare.

Snapshot Serengeti (JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby): Code for building the Snapshot Serengeti citizen science online interface.

Lintott, C., R. Simpson, A. Smith, B. Carstensen, S. Lynn, D. Miller, C. Snyder, A. Swanson, M. Kosmala, C. Packer (2015): Snapshot Serengeti. figshare.

Snapshot Serengeti Processing and Aggregation (Python): Scripts that take the raw data produced by the citizen science project Snapshot Serengeti and turn them into processed datasets that can then be used for scientific analysis.

Kosmala, M., A. Swanson, C. Lintott, R. Simpson, A. Smith, C. Packer (2015): Snapshot Serengeti Processing and Aggregation Scripts. figshare.